“Rock and Roll Band” by Boston

By | March 24, 2014

Here’s a little jam on the very first song that I EVER played when I first rented a drumset. I think this take is a teensy bit tighter. 😉 For all of those …

Smokin' by Boston (Rock Band 3 Pro Expert Drums 99% Gold Stars)

So concludes my Boston Track Pack Pro Drums collection. —————————————————————————————————–…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

27 thoughts on ““Rock and Roll Band” by Boston

  1. Pauliewanna

    My kit is all torn apart right now because I’m going to a gig next weekend.
    But after June 8th, maybe I’ll get to some other covers that aren’t Rush
    because they tend to withstand the censors a little easier. Someone who
    handles Rush is on a mission!

  2. kapnkrusty1

    Are you sure your not the guy that recorded this song? You are awesome!!!.
    I need a drummer, Live in Nashvile. E mail me

  3. blabblab1212

    Sounds fantastic! I believe it’s you playing. I don’t know why other people

  4. RazrHack

    AMAZING job dude! Did the band – and the song – justice. Bonus points for
    having the Brad Delp hair & beard.

  5. MrGH3Man4

    and 1 song Request can u plz do Iron Maiden’s “2 Minutes to midnight”

  6. Jayzel Torres

    they are the gods of rock. there is non higher. excellent drumming i salute

  7. kickniko

    I watched this one once and over and over again, and I am still watching
    it, and I can only say: Let that enthousiasm reign over your paying my man!
    That´s it, it is pure rock! So be it for all the real living! Drum on!

  8. rabiddaffy

    Great job! How many times did you play through this to get it correct?

  9. Alex May

    Holy shit!!! You are the new god of drums. I’m not that good but I’ll get
    there soon. You’re fucking good dude :)

  10. Lori Z

    So fun to watch and listen to you play this. You’re great! Thanks.

  11. Francisco Aguirre A.

    great song! one of the most greatest bands thanx for the vid about the
    upgrade.. you can play with the keys and the vocals, too? i’m not talking
    about the pro mode… just the rock band 3 upgrade

  12. testdrive426rb

    @panschop No keys for older Rock Band songs. Pro Drums just carries over to
    Rock Band 3 because it’s in the MIDI file for the song. Harmonix has not
    redone any songs yet except for Livin’ on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive
    by Bon Jovi.


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