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By | February 12, 2014

For fans of the Rock Band series offered for Nintendo Wii, PS2 and 3, and Xbox, you will especially enjoy the third installation of the series: Rock Band 3. This is a Rock Band release that is more advanced and enhanced with higher and better features, offering the ability to choose different gaming modes, from party mode to pro gamer. With the pro gamer mode, you are able to take on a more serious role as a rocker, adding more features, including the Rock Band 3 cymbals for the drums. The gaming is a bit more challenging, offering the feel of the real while playing with the fake.

Using the Rock Band 3 Cymbals

Purchasing an expanded pack, you will receive cymbals with Rock Band 3 free, offering the ability to advance through pro mode during gaming. Using the cymbals is much the same as using the drums, as each note will be indicated when the cymbal must be struck. There are three cymbals included, each with a specified purpose:

Green: crash cymbal

Yellow: hi-hat cymbal

Blue: splash cymbal

There are also alterations between the snare and toms giving the most advanced play offered in Rock Band series.

Online Competition

Using the cymbals with the drums is offered through the pro gaming mode, allowing the full experience of drumming in a rock band. With 83 unique songs offered, there are even Rock Band 3 free track packs offered for pre-orders, as well as online. The internet also offers Rock Band for iPhone competing between players online in different locations, allowing you to play head to head with another player across the world, completely free. The cymbals option can be a bit more challenging, but so much fun when competing against strangers and online buddies.

More Challenging Gaming

Rock Band iPhone

The Rock Band 3 cymbals expansion pack definitely offers a very challenging interface, giving a little bit more action to the game. The general rules of play continue as with previous releases, also offering the star power, hanging notes, and other features as well. The cymbals attach to the drum set through snaps that connect to your existing drum set, or any other Wii drums set. Attaching is extremely simple, with instant use, giving you access to every element of a drummer’s career. The gaming will be a bit quicker, with more involved and a little more concentration and coordination needed, but you will definitely not be disappointed.

Getting the Rock Band 3 expansion pack with the cymbals is a great idea if you love the Rock Band series and wouldn’t mind a little bit more challenge. You will definitely get the chance to take on a more realistic drumming experience, with every piece of equipment used just as on stage. You will get great hours of fun through the cymbals, which can be used with several third party Rock Band series as well, including the Beatles and Green Day Rock Band series. Getting Rock Band on iPhone track packs will also broaden the number of songs you can choose to play.

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