Rock Band 3 – Tom Sawyer (Expert Pro Drums 98% Gold Stars)

By | April 22, 2015

This video was requested by MetalDrummer776. This song is pretty much exactly as tricky as it is without Pro drums. Though my touchy green cymbal got in the way a couple times. It’s still…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Rock Band 3 – Tom Sawyer (Expert Pro Drums 98% Gold Stars)

  1. fetchy15

    what the fuck is this.. only geddy lee can sound like geddy lee somebody
    tell the singer to quit fuckin trying and give up on life

  2. Charlie Beggs

    @longview3000 well… it’s not like they have trouble borrowing ideas from
    them…. but it would just be borrowing an icon, not a game mechanic.

  3. Ozzmaster2112

    @ShaneGuitar13 This one isn’t THAT bad but it’s not nearly as goode as the

  4. soccerprog226

    2:47=biggest undercharting the Rock Band world has ever seen D:

  5. AceySucks6606

    what the hell!!!!! Thats not the singer??? lol >8U this fucking face is
    awesome!!! rofl!!!!!

  6. SoundDefenseRB

    @kiriaazu It takes me a while to get around to those.

  7. ShadowHeart

    The singer sounds horrible compared to the original version

  8. longview3000

    @redhockeycab Lol I think that’s something Rock Band needs help on, time to
    call Guitar Hero

  9. Grooseland

    @Dialamo I thought it was because maybe Rush didn’t trust RB with their
    master track yet, if there would have been any reason to be skeptical. RB
    had just started and there was no guarantee of its popularity. Then RB
    became far more popular and…yeah. Just a theory. I dunno.

  10. Charlie Beggs

    darn… i was hoping in rock band 3 they would finally add a high hat
    pedal. that’s retarded that they still use the blue pad for open high hat.

  11. Dialamo

    I always wondered why they put a cover of this song in RB1 and not the
    original. I mean, they did eventually release the original version on
    DLC…what was the problem?


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