Rock Band Squier Discontinued and New game for Harmonix

By | March 11, 2014

FINALLY I am back with a working computer. In this video I tackle two of the biggest pieces of news in the Rhythm gaming community. One took place days ago a…
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Tom Sawyer – Rush being played on Rock Band for the PS2 with an acheivement of gold star status PLEASE NOTE: This is not a high score run, more or less just …

28 thoughts on “Rock Band Squier Discontinued and New game for Harmonix

  1. shotgunn111

    rocksmith will be 20 bucks at wal mart in 3 months dont buy it now……can
    you say fail……….

  2. johaku99

    @CenasCorner so i heard they are gonna stop making guitar hero what about

  3. antonioaquila

    I still don’t understand why that guitar was made. If you want to play a
    real guitar.. buy a real guitar. The Squier one isn’t fake by any means,
    but a real un-modded guitar is better. I don’t know why people play rock
    band to learn the instrument, when they can pick up a real one. Sure it
    helps in some extent. (E.x. The drums teach you some technique and rhythm
    to play the real thing), but they should realize rock band is just a fun
    game, and not a real learning experience

  4. antonioaquila

    @CenasCorner It is a learning too, I will not disagree with that, but the
    game wont even teach you a quarter of the stuff a real guitarist does while
    playing. Sure it’s good to be just starting out on, a real guitar teacher
    can teach you 1000x better. The extra cost shouldnt be a factor if youre
    serious about playing. Also, believe me I know about how hard RB drums are
    After playing for about 1 1/2 years when RB1 came out, I thought I would
    own the game, and I got my ass kicked.

  5. Cheezumz002

    What wiiownsps3and360 says seems like what happenend. I doubt if it was up
    to harmonix they wouldn’t have ended the squire completely. But anywho I
    kinda hope this vidrythm has nothig to do with kinect… Because I don’t
    have a kinect and I don’t plan on getting one. :/ but we’ll just have to
    wait and see.

  6. Rich Everton

    There still is another choice. The You Rock Guitar can play pro mode.

  7. Timealude

    @Sailorjeff0 The only reason Harmonix has been MS friendly is because MS is
    more liberal about giving out the tools and working with 3rd party
    companies, But now it seems that sony has learned their lesson about being
    hard to work with game companies as people are starting to offer them more.

  8. iBlitzykins

    awh, i was hoping to buy the squire any time soon but i guess i can never
    buy it..just gotta wait for people to start sellin em on craigslist and
    amazon exc.

  9. ChodTheWacko

    @antonioaquila I can easily name a dozen people who bought guitars,
    intending to learn, and the guitars are now sitting there gathering dust.
    The biggest strength of Rock band 3 & the pro guitar is that it makes
    practicing guitar FUN. That’s huge. There are plenty of legit guitar skills
    you can learn from RB3, especially if you use the squier

  10. CenasCorner

    @antonioaquila Well because you have to think of todays youth. As a
    musician I disagree with you that it is not a learning tool, because it is
    using tablature which is the same stuff that people the likes of Eric
    Clapton used to learn guitar. The thing is that is was too expensive which
    is why I think it failed. There are many testimonials of people who have
    learned so it is very real, and drums is not as easy as it looks either,
    but RB can teach the basics. Old school learning is not the norm

  11. antonioaquila

    @ChodTheWacko If those people got a guitar to not have fun playing it, then
    why buy one in the first place? I dont know if it’s just us Canadians, but
    all of who play the real deal have A LOT more fun playing the real thing.
    It’s part of being a musician to hit road blocks, and those who give up in
    a road block will never get better. That’s why a lot of people quit. Also,
    I have said twice that it does help you learn, but on a limited level. You
    could play weezer, but forget about harder stuff.

  12. YocoN

    When you say electronic pickups, do you mean active (needs batteries to
    work) pickups or do passive pickups also work?

  13. charliel48

    I’m not to crazy over dance games or the playstation move. I guess I’m
    going to have to get use to it.

  14. Sailorjeff0

    I’m not really sure what vid rhythm will be about but as a PS3 owner, it
    would be nice if the PS3 got some love from harmonix. Harmonix has always
    been pretty MS exclusive with certain peripherals only being made for xbox
    or games (dance central). I think if I had to speculate, it will probably
    be a kinect title that puts you in the game for either dance or some kind
    of RB setup.

  15. wiiownsps3and360

    I read that harmonix had no idea that fender discontinued the Squier and
    are working to resolve the issue idk what that could mean though maybe
    fender will liscense the guitar to harmonix or someone else to produce the
    guitar but I have no idea I just like that idea

  16. Doom878

    I did a poll recently at the forum and after a few months, many played ther
    Squiers more with RB3 than outside the game. Sure some didn’t have amps yet
    but the margin was pretty big.

  17. CenasCorner

    @antonioaquila anymore unfortunately. As I have stated many times, there is
    no substitute for old school learning. However I also know and have seen
    that this is not what the youth of today is embracing. So this gives tools
    like Rock Band and RockSmith an edge and why it will always sell if done

  18. antonioaquila

    @CenasCorner Another thing I don’t understand is that kids seem to have
    more fun playing plastic instruments than the real thing, it’s just not
    right. Don’t get me wrong I love playing Rock Band (haven’t tried 3 yet,
    but i LOVE 1 and 2), but it’s nowhere near as fun as smashing the real
    drums. That’s just me though


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