Rock music, Beer and Burgers at Hard Rock Cafe

By | April 4, 2014

What you see – It’s a huge pub cum café at DLF Place Mall in Saket, Delhi spread across around 7,500 square feet. Walk towards Hard Rock Cafe and you will be greeted by 2-3 staff members outside, dressed in black flaunting Hard Rock merchandise. You need to make your reservation with them and then be led to your table inside based on whether you wish to sit in the bar area or the dining section. While you wait, you can visit the Hard Rock retail store where you can buy T-shirts, badges, key rings etc.

Inside, loud rock music blares from the speakers. The walls are adorned with rock memorabilia like records, photographs, outfits, music instruments and more, belonging to renowned music artists like Madonna, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and so on. Music seems to be the theme all over.

What you get – As you take your place at the table, you will see two booklets on it. One is the menu while the other gives detailed information about Hard Rock Café and its history. Hard Rock Café was originally a diner, quite popular with Eric Clapton who loved the burgers here. As a token of appreciation, he gave one of his guitars to the owner who displayed it on the wall. Pete Townshend of ‘The Who’ fame gave his guitar then, and signed it as ‘Mine is as good as his’. Gradually more music artists and their memorabilia found a place at the café, making it seeped into music. Hardly a wonder then that music rules your conversation from the moment you step inside.

Coming to the food, Hard Rock Café serves delectable American, Mexican and Continental food best had with frothed beer, whiskey and other hard drinks. We ordered half a portion of Twisted Mac ‘n Cheese (Rs. 175) and Mexican Nachos with a topping of cheddar cheese and pinto beans (Rs. 300). Our beverage option included Jack Daniels on the Rocks (Rs. 730). 

Be aware that the food here is heavy in terms of calories and rich in taste. But who can resist cheese dripping from the nachos and resist digging into it? We loved it. Even the Mac ‘n Cheese pasta is different from what you get elsewhere and is, if we can say so, worth the calories.

The menu also includes other choices like Potato skins, Steaks, Fajitas, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches and Desserts. This Delhi outlet, catering to the local tastes, also has a special ‘Merri Dilli’ section where you can find Chicken Kebab and other delicacies to satisfy the Delhi belly.

Our verdict – The food here is expensive but good. Go here for the ambience and the music or for a bout of binging with cheese burgers and beer once in a while. What’s good is that Hard Rock Café entertains you in ways more than one. There’s music of course (rock shows are also organized sometimes), but then there’s the rock memorabilia mounted on the walls and even LCD TVs that can keep you busy.  Also keep in mind that the music here is loud. So don’t expect to hold peaceful conversations here. It is best to visit the restaurant after 8 PM as this is when the happening crowd starts coming in. The ambience is hip and cool and the staff is hospitable at this bar cum restaurant. Paid parking facility is available at the mall.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 2,000

Anytime between – 12 PM – 1 AM

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