By | March 28, 2014

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog, we focus on the biggest headlines of the past week from hard rock and heavy metal. The frontman of Bring Me The Horizon is atta…
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25 thoughts on “ROCK STAR ATTACKED ON STAGE! + Hard Rock/Metal News

  1. Kayla Stanislawski

    I saw the picture I was like, omg oli Sykes gotta watch this

  2. QuinnieCyanide

    This video alone made me want to subscribe… Well done, Sami!?

  3. hopgop iuglgp

    BMTH is not even metal or rock. Don’t compare their scene kid fans to metal
    fans… ?

  4. Jaren Meyerhoffer

    Ok if you are talking about the show in salt lake that is why he stopped
    playing but they rushed the stage because he said fuck salt lake straight
    edge which were there for parkway drive not his band just to let you know
    you know?

  5. Monkeyfurshur

    just 1:43 in and I gotta say it- that dude’s picture is so fucking gay. and
    you know what Henry Rollins does with overly aggressive crowd members? He
    punches them in the face.?

  6. DaftHamster00011

    Disliked only for the Apple part. Sorry. I’m an idiot =)?

  7. I0I0I0I0IIII0I0I0I0I

    Andre’ Berry, you’re a fucking retard. What are they then? Not music? Are
    they a letter opener inside a rapped up towel? Based on your fucking logic

  8. natedog2511

    old BMTH is prime moshing material… ignorant fucking people who have
    no feel for music, stop smashing on them. You just sound pathetic. ?

  9. JKVengeance

    It wasn’t a meet and greet. It was a backstage conversation. He’s a really
    up himself (as just about all modern celebrities are).

  10. Kezrawful

    you use mac – you’re a fag simple and true little rhyme i just swagged out
    there in just a second. but seriously ‘if you don’t know who steve jobs of
    is, you have no grasp of technology at all.’ I really don’t understand how
    mac fanboys were created but you have to be seriously retarded to claim
    that steve jobs was a great inventor and apple products are great. just
    wanted to throw that out there.

  11. Cole Hoover

    Being a rockstar isnt all shits and giggles, its really tiring and busy!

  12. halle rose

    It depends on what you’re using it for. For the videos he makes, yeah, mac
    is probably the best.

  13. JKVengeance

    What else is there to explain, back stage he is a massive cunt. Not much
    else to say.


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