Rockness 2007: Daft Punk – Robot Rock/Oh Yeah

By | February 19, 2014

Daft Punk live at Rockness 2007. A collection of footage spliced together with photos from the night.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Daft Punk starting to play One More Time, the crowd absolutely loved this, at the Rockness Festival 2007.

25 thoughts on “Rockness 2007: Daft Punk – Robot Rock/Oh Yeah

  1. circolocochico22

    The best show i have ever seen!and just think the first label that siged
    them was SLAM’s soma records in SCOTLAND!

  2. Stuart MacDonald

    jelous isnt even the word. i will do anything to see these guys just once :(

  3. ChineapplePunk

    Dear Sontaran, If you listen to ‘REAL’ electronica music, then why the hell
    are you checking out daft punk youtube, you tube! =P

  4. Xanicks

    Oh go and jack off to Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd and some other pretentious
    bullshit, people who are secure with themselves don’t have to throw their
    music taste around to seek approval. Nobody likes you for what you are, and
    you won’t achieve anything. Fuck off.

  5. Lynn Mackay

    damn best day of my life and definatly a day to remember for millions of
    years to come and listen to you all insulting them lol wots the point? you
    basicly dont have a clue and go and get a life plzz if you have nothing to
    do than insult them on a pc go say it to their face u fags!

  6. Lawrie67

    Sontaran! your a cock! why do u keep commentin on stuff u dont like!?!?
    This was prob one of the best experiences of mine an many others life! U
    must be a boring narrow minded ‘rock’ fan! stick to your manic street
    wankers next time mate! Loz 😛

  7. John McMahon

    fuckin was lovein it in there, daft punk were well the best over the wkend.
    there red suits were smart as fuck wen it kicked in

  8. GorGesGord

    I couldn’t care less if they were mixing a black and white TV with a speak
    n spell! It sounded great, the atmosphere was great and there were no half
    wit muso types with there heads so far up there own arses that all they see
    and hear is there own shit. How the sound is created is not important, what
    it sounds like is!

  9. mrd701

    @DrumMasterT what do u know,, i was there 4 the gig of my life,,,,and i was
    working, sober , and there was 15000 in a tent for 5000,,, so stick ur ”
    proper concert” up ur “proper arse” with their soberness,,,it was awsome
    and one day will happen again,,, get it up ya


    love daft punk and saw this set live but it’s pretty scary that they play
    in a pyramid where the all seeing eye usually is.

  11. adzyfelly

    Sontaran, what are you doing commenting on this clip? Shouldnt you be
    playing dungeons and dragans role play or planning your next victim!! This
    set was the best I have seen and I have been around (Rock and Dance!), to
    dismiss this is not to be in the know! Electronic music is almost the
    perfect output to be heard from speakers! What counts is the atmosphere!
    You should get out more…..or maybe not!

  12. colinl16

    Bet you could’nt mix! Why you watching videos with music you dont like
    then? Nobody wants your opinion so fuck off! FUD!

  13. Dalrrr

    Now why do you comment on something you dont like and had a choice to not

  14. Gareth McGrattan

    went over from belfast with 4 mates , daft punk , fuck , fuck , fuck !!!
    what a mad time , the scots rule !!!

  15. Duncan Bolton

    10000+ people, where probably 5000+ didn’t even have a clue where they were
    and where those two lazy money grabbing music spoiling bastards could have
    put Mr. Blobby into their CD player and those people would not have
    objected! Try going to a Proper musical concert with 80000+ people that are
    sober and enjoying the music for what it is!

  16. mikeukhc

    this was the best set of the weekend by a country mile…. worth the ten
    hours drive up there and worth the car crash on the way home…. absolutely

  17. sontaran

    you must have had a shit life if seeing 2 guys playing bits of plastic is a
    highpoint of your existence.ha ha,what a bunch of sad jerks.and i aint
    interested in the manics.


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