RockNess 2013: Suggs of Madness on Gladness Beer and One Direction

By | March 25, 2014

Backstage at RockNess 2013: John Dingwall of the Daily Record/Sunday Mail speaks to Madness front man Suggs about 80s nostalgia, his Scottish roots, the laun…

Ben Howard performing Keep Your Head Up at Rockness 2013. Apologies for the occasional poor camerawork, but there were mwi fannies that kept bumping into me.

9 thoughts on “RockNess 2013: Suggs of Madness on Gladness Beer and One Direction

  1. Greatest1979

    Lol, Madness’ Gladness Beer, can’t wait to get that in my belly, Suggsy!

  2. Joshafaa

    No i mean mwi fannies that were falling over and bumping into everyone. I
    had my phone in the air and was watching Ben with my eyes.

  3. ayatchafaqui

    “mwi fannies” in Scotland means Mad With It vaginas.

  4. Kieffer Bell

    What an amazing set though! I was quite near you I think, hopefully not one
    of those mwi fannies! Haha!

  5. rossel onsen

    by “mwi fannies” I assume you mean “people enjoying the amazing gig, rather
    than watching it through the screen on their phone”

  6. Hayden Jones

    Brilliant mate going watching him at Blackpool tommorow.


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