Rodin coil Front page Sedona News Marko Rodin & Jamie Buturff interview pt 3

By | March 8, 2014

On August 5th, 2009 Marko Rodin and Jamie Buturff were interviewed by Susan Johnson from the Larson / Sedona Red Rock newspaper. Here’s this exclusive front …
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12 thoughts on “Rodin coil Front page Sedona News Marko Rodin & Jamie Buturff interview pt 3

  1. mikrobluess

    When you know the secrets of the patterns of creation and understand the
    principles behind, you just need to test out all possible solutions to
    integrate it into technology. I hope many people will start to experience
    with the principles in all fields of science

  2. scooterscottii

    I have two young daughters as well. I know what you mean about sweeping the

  3. whenisneveragain

    the monetary system trap, they got you being fed treats like a dog for
    doing a good job wasting your time counting numbers for them and shit and
    then when you try to do anything to benefit man, they try to burn you out
    with the lack of money, try to get somebody else to burn you out with money
    or try to get you to burn yourself out with money by selling your work to
    them so they can either use it for their advantage or keep it for
    themselves. its time we take back our monetary system.

  4. DarkMoonDroid

    Watch some of the other videos where he uses the giant paper and the
    overhead projector. He has the visuals there. Grab a calculator and prepare
    yourself to do some wicked-hard addition of single-digit numbers. He will
    eventually push you to do some impossible multiplication and division too.
    😉 That’s why he wants to make a children’s book. <3

  5. Edy

    marco rodin , he look much older then the other video where he there looks
    a young guy with those 4-5 students teaching them this discovery , how many
    years passed since then ? anyone knows ?

  6. Liberty Treebud

    I can’t say I understand the math, I stink at math. I do get vibe off of
    this that thrills me to the core. I get excited even though I can’t fully
    understand but the significance of this is beyond the beyond. I wish I had
    something to offer but alas, All I could do is ‘help with the dishes’. I
    hope Marko Rodin writes his book and I hope all the children have access to
    it. I wish I could have learnt math so I could hear the harmonics and
    interplay of this world through his eyes. Thankyou for this

  7. scooterscottii

    I feel full of confidence and optimism for Rodin and his math and coil. I
    ALREADY know it works. But we all have a contribution whether it be
    negitive or positive.

  8. Liberty Treebud

    What would help is really great visual aid/graphics for the masses, like
    me. I want to feel the thrill of this strange but purely simple amazing
    subject mater.

  9. RobDegraves

    This is such ridiculous nonsense it’s hard to believe anyone could be this
    full of crap.


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