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By | July 4, 2014

Most internet users dont understand all the acronyms used in the technical side of the internet such as RSS, Atom, HTTP, HTML, XML and the list goes on and on. If youre into just browsing on the internet, or maybe even internet marketing, you really dont have to know all the technical aspects of these terms and how they got started or how they work. The main thing in internet marketing is to understand and learn the process of marketing and which of these various features can be blended into a powerful marketing system to promote your business opportunity.

Knowing all the technical aspects of the internet, will not make you any money, unless you work for a major player in the marketplace like Google or one of the other search engines. Money is made online, by using the different tools of marketing that someone else has designed, tested and perfected for the use of internet marketers, just like you and I.

An excellent way to get your information distributed to a large audience of potential clients is with RSS feeds and syndication. Syndication will expose your website to many different types of online services, that otherwise you would not be able to penetrate their hierarchy by yourself. This is a free, and easy advertising method of marketing, particularly if youre a bit tight on cash.

Its getting more difficult to get personal information of individuals who you can market to online. However, by syndicating a website and providing an RSS feed the user can get the information anonymously, and you have accomplished your goal of getting your information in front of more users. Hopefully the users will use the information youve provided to make an informed choice and eventually purchase your product or services.

This concept goes back to the late 90s and has been used by professional marketing companies and SEO services for a number of years. This type of marketing works, and is extremely powerful; however, because of the complicity of the internet, webmasters have not used this powerful approach in their marketing efforts. Many sites have not been optimized for maximum online effectiveness and as a result many websites have never produced a nickel of income for the website owner.

In todays market there are many different types of businesses who use syndication methods very effectively. Newspapers, television shows, talk radio, publishers etc., all share information about their business opportunity using some form of syndication. They use multiple marketing venues for this part of their promotion strategies using such tools as blogs, forums, news feeds and many other methods of service that are to lengthy to discuss in this article.

By using the methods discussed above, the person or business can expand their user audience to millions of users that otherwise could not be reached with any other forms of promotional method. In TV programming, syndication accounts for a fair share of the market. It has been said that Syndication is where the real money is in television.

The following is a quote from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, explaining some category differences regarding syndication:

Commercial web syndication can be categorized in three ways:

by business models

by types of content

by methods for selecting distribution partners

Commercial web syndication involves partnerships between content producers and distribution outlets. There are different structures of partnership agreements. One such structure is licensing content, in which distribution partners pay a fee to the content creators for the right to publish the content. Another structure is ad-supported content, in which publishers share revenues derived from advertising on syndicated content with that content’s producer. A third structure is free, or barter syndication, in which no currency changes hands between publishers and content producers. This requires the content producers to generate revenue from another source, such as embedded advertising or subscriptions. Alternatively, they could distribute content without remuneration. Typically, those who create and distribute content for free are promotional entities, vanity publishers or government entities.

The two types of syndication feeds used by most marketers in todays market are RSS and Atom. If you dont understand everything you need to know about feeds, then visit your favorite search engine and do some serious research. This article today, covers a limited amount of information about feeds, RSS, Atom and syndication that should help promote your business opportunity more effectively.

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