Sub Focus Live at Parklife and Rockness Festival

By | February 28, 2014

Check out the first installment of the Sub Focus Live summer festival video blog. This episode follows Sub Focus Live to Parklife Festival in Manchester and …
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Highland folk band Torridon played the Clash Tent at Rock Ness 2009 in what is traditionally a rock festival. Here the band played “Were Coming Down the Road…

30 thoughts on “Sub Focus Live at Parklife and Rockness Festival

  1. nick rafferty

    i’ve seen the live show and ive got to say i found it abit boring, much
    prefer the dj set!


    saw subfocus support pendulum last year and was ace, cant wait for the live
    set at boardmasters festival a week on sat :) zane lowe, subfocus then fat
    boy slim :)

  3. Iuliu Visovan

    @NellyTunez first one is could this be real, for the second one i’m still
    looking :/

  4. Iuliu Visovan

    @NellyTunez ok got it. 1. Sub Focus – Could this be real 2. Sub Focus –
    Follow the light :)

  5. gazzler1320

    your deluded, i’d love to know how mch you know about scottish music coz u
    sound fairly english

  6. kindzerella1

    You should be ashamed of your language. This band has a following of all
    ages. I was in the crowd with quite a few sober people and the atmosphere
    these guys created though their passion for scottish music was brilliant,
    no video could capture that.

  7. billybunterful

    sorry i cant hear you over the sound of all the bees in your bonnet gazzler

  8. david maher

    Aye, and if it wasn’t for them “english cunts” we’d be a lot poorer

  9. alannamac

    This was absolute banter!! KENNY, KENNY, KENNY FUCKIN’ LYALL!!!! hahah

  10. gazzler1320

    these cunts dont even no the words to scottish songs unless there written
    in front of them. good piper needs to get new job

  11. Libster1979

    brilliant, one of the highlights of my weekend x KKKFL xXx


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