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Why Beatles Fans Would Want to Buy the New Beatles Remastered Mono & Stereo CD Box Sets

Even if you already own all of The Beatles albums on CD (and I definitely do) I still think the new remastered Beatles CD box sets are a “must buy” for all true Beatles fanatics. I’ll explain what makes each set (both the mono & the stereo) so essential below. Why The Beatles Mono Box Set Is A “Must […]

The Beatles – Playing in Your Garden

May mornings in the south are the most stimulating experiences a gardener can enjoy. It is such soul feeding satisfaction to walk through the garden at sunrise on a misty morning and drink in the delightful atmosphere of the awakening plants. Flower Shows: May is the month of flower shows… exhibitions to many, displays to […]

Beatles ? Great Name in the Music World

Until now, the Beatles has still been one of the most famous and successful bands in the world of music. I can say that it continue drawing the attention of enormous amount of audience even though it breakup. John, Paul, Ringo and George – 4 guys, who came from Liverpool, roused the United States music […]