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Latest Rush Boston Rock Band News News

An unexpected look into Cambodian rock before the Killing Fields “When we were young, we loved being modern,” an unseen female narrator says at the start of “Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll,” the 2014 documentary film directed by John Pirozzi. The words are spoken in Khmer, Cambodia's … Read more on […]

Latest Boston Cinderella Rock Band News News

Planning a trip to Disney? Read this first. A surprisingly short hop from Boston, this friendly little island has plenty of superlatives to keep you busy — all served with a British accent. … Using the bands wasn't quite as simple as a wave of the wrist, but after a little experimenting with … Read […]

Latest Boston Green Day Rock Band News News

Montreat writer looks for the 'real' rock 'n' roll … for the Soul of Rock.” Caress was a touring musician with a Boston-based band called the Troubadours and later co-founded the online music journal Mule Variations (now on hiatus). … Taking a social history approach, Caress blends research on … Read more on Black Mountain […]

How To Get Boston Holidays At Rock Bottom Prices

Boston is one of the most visited states in New England, drawing millions of tourists yearly. Once a costly place to stay, Boston all inclusive holiday packages deliver the freedom and flexibility to stay and play at the price you want to pay. The super saver all inclusive Boston holiday plan provides rock bottom rates […]

Boston to mix new songs with favorites

Boston to mix new songs with favorites Of course, (singer) Tommy DeCarlo plays keys. He's a great keyboard player. I play keys on a few songs, and of course, Tom (whose main instrument is guitar) is one of the best keyboard players ever. So we switch off and try to get the sounds happening … […]