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When Boys Become Heroes

You slouched even further into your chair… Physics was invented, why? you ask yourself as your teacher explained it for the fourth time that day. You already knew how it worked, why it worked, what makes it work but as to WHY you have work is still a bewilderment. Six exercises already… how much homework […]

Boys Like Girls Bio

In keeping with the band’s name, the songs of American rock band Boys Like Girls lean towards, well, boys liking girls although some songs do touch on relationships, precocious adolescents, and even battle with cancer. It is a band with promise in terms of commercial success and critical acclaim with the proper direction. Band Composition […]

Boys Wear, Boys Clothes, Boys Clothing

Kids Clothing for Boys These days, a broad variety of clothing for children is available in the market; including kids clothing for boys. There are several clothes with interesting designs and various colors, which sometimes makes it difficult and confusing for small children to choose a particular item. Many kids and their parents just spend […]

Boys Names Will Be Boys Names

In the Bible, boys’ leaders’ meanings are created out. Most of the mothers designed the names for the son based exclusively on the boys’ names’ meanings. These days, boys’ names’ meanings are still a aspect once mothers and fathers are selecting a title for their child, but many other elements come into play as well. […]

Boys Clothing

All things are blue – or so the saying goes when we think about clothes for boys. Today though people are not following the traditional color schemes for babies; thank goodness.  Green, yellow, and other pastel colors look great on all babies and should be used. But regardless of the color, it’s important for mother’s […]

Latest Beastie Boys News

Amplified Observations: Famous musicians, like the Beastie Boys and Bee Gees … In 1981, Beastie Boys started out playing hardcore punk in a crowded New York scene. Yet, after a few releases, including 1982's Polly Wog Stew, which is solid in its own right, and touring, the group decided to switch up its style. Rick […]