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The Elvis Presley Martin Acoustic Guitar Special Edition

They were established years ago back in 1833, but now, the American based Martin Guitar Company have rightfully earned the respectful reputation as being the pioneering manufacturers responsible for producing some of the finest Sunburst acoustic guitar models in the universe today. Now known as C. F. Martin & Co, the acoustic guitar and string […]

Elvis Impersonators- Enjoy The Live Elvis

They have various names. They are known as impressionists, impersonators, tribute artists and by many other names. They are a figment of public memory. They restage those forgone moments. They rekindle the joy and ecstasy of the moments of those legendary personalities. Those celebrities, they have a cult following. Even after their death they remain […]

Electronic Press Kit For Elvis Presley

Electronic Press Kit or Electronic Media Kit is new-age cost effective promotional tool to promote products and services of all kinds online. Elvis Presley Dubbed King of Rock, Elvis Aaron Presley was one of the greatest American culture icons of 20th century. Blessed with a versatile voice, Elvis Presley (widely known as Elvis only among […]

Elvis Presley’s guru is no more

American singer-actor and cultural icon Elvis Presley’s guru Sri Daya Mata, 96, has died in Los Angeles (USA) area. According to reports, Elvis met Daya Mata, president and sanghamata of worldwide Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) headquartered in Los Angeles, in 1960s, and then kept connection with her throughout the rest of his life, often calling and […]

Who Was Elvis Presley, the Hound Dog?

Elvis Presley had been performing live for a few years when he booked  an appearance on the Steve Allen show. It was 1956 and the mainstream  culture was barely able to contain the budding sexuality that his  music was bursting with. This was before he was popular, but now 20 years later Elvis is so […]

Did Elvis Presley Go to Heaven?

One of the dilemmas I faced on becoming a fully-fledged Christian was coming to terms with my loyalty to certain cultural icons who in the passed had been labelled as un-Christian. The greatest of these is no doubt “the King” himself, Elvis Presley. Before Elvis, the only individual in history who could be known simply […]