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My Favorite Romance Authors

Liz Fielding is one of my top favourites. Her emotional feel good romances take you to a paradise that’s full of love and happiness. Her novel “The Best Man and the Bridesmaid” won the Best Traditional Romance Novel at Rita Awards, while “The Marriage Miracle” won the Best Contemporary Romance” at Rita Awards. Whether it […]

16 Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This NYE Week

16 Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This NYE Week TWO NIGHTS OF AWESOME ROCK BANDS: We've long raved about the virtues of the multiple guitar driven party machine that is Diarrhea Planet, and have gone so far to pose the question asking if they're the best live band on the planet right now. (The […]

My first favorite band: a love/hate story

My first favorite band: a love/hate story The band changes, you change. Having discovered Alkaline Trio shortly after the release of its first album—1998's Chicago-punk classic Goddamnit—I followed the band with religious devotion. I acquired all the … But, as the band was changing, so was … Read more on A.V. Club Milwaukee 8 Days […]

Our Favorite E3 Moments

Our Favorite E3 Moments Expect hilarious press conferences, unexpected demos, and the adrenaline rush of covering the show to surface. The Bizarre N-Gage Reveal … A few weeks later, I was off to London to play Rock Band in Abbey Road's Studio Two, where The Beatles recorded … Read more on Game Informer 'Killer' designer […]