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Frank Vignola – Rising Jazz Guitar Music Star

Frank Vignola is considered to be among the top rank of guitarists on the jazz guitar music scene today! Born on December 30, 1965 on Long Island, New York, he began playing guitar at the age of five. As his proficiency grew, he spent many hours listening to the music of legendary jazz guitarists Django […]

Frank Sherman, A Voice For Sustainability

Strategic – holistic – sustainable – green… the latest easy listening buzz words to some; a form of holy grail to architect Frank Sherman, who applies an ever evolving mastery of problem solving and group dynamics to helping clients realize their creative green visions. According to Frank, “that sometimes means helping them discover their creative […]

Amazing Info About Frank Kern

Frank Kern is the creator of the much sensationalized internet marketing system called Mass Control and other internet courses. It is said to have the capability to change how people market online. He is also associated with the famous tagline “Get Rich the Lazy Way”. He is said to be an underachiever yet he got […]

4 Famous Success Stories From Frank Sinatra to Tommy Hilfiger That Inspire You to Double Your Income

Have you ever looked at the life of a celebrity and wondered how they got to the top? Do you find yourself dreaming of the time that you will double your income doing something you love? The thing that really stands out to me about some of the most talked about success stories of the […]

Paul Frank Bag

Paul Frank bag is a product of Paul Frank industries. Paul Frank Industries (PFI) is a California based company which produces lifestyle products that was originated on the art of gift giving. Paul Frank is an American artist, cartoonist and fashion designer. Frank’s designs decorate accessories, garments, and a lot of other products. One of […]

Hear Bob Dylan's Smoky Frank Sinatra Cover 'Melancholy Mood'

Hear Bob Dylan's Smoky Frank Sinatra Cover 'Melancholy Mood' The song opens with a delicate guitar solo, which faithfully recreates the sloshed trumpet paean that introduces the 1939 original Sinatra recorded with the Harry James Orchestra. But rather than a lonesome croon, Dylan delivers a hushed vocal … Read more on RollingStone.com "The Frank Sinatra […]