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Draw Inspiration from the Post-90s Fashion New Powers

In the fashion industry, youth is half the battle. It’s better to be famous before it’s too late. Today, let’s draw inspiration from some post-90s fashion new powers’ celebrity dresses. Although Little J, former child actor, is not a leading role in Gossip Girl, she is also eye-catching, especially in her dressing. Her exaggerated smoky […]

Protecting Your Property From Pest Crows

“You’re as intelligent as a crow” wouldn’t be an insult! This pest bird is amazingly intelligent. Crows are capable of memorizing garbage routes, and they will forage around every Tuesday when your garbage is hauled out to the curb.  They may even show up every Sunday afternoon to the family BBQ in the back yard […]

Combat Boots – From Punk To Goth

There seems to be a wardrobe for every kind of social group. Combat boots have a way of standing out, don’t they? The unique styling makes them a favorite amongst those in the Punk or Goth lifestyle, but they can be worn by virtually anyone. They’re often sold as fetish boots, since they’re also popular […]