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More Musings on Lessons Learned From Relocating

When you relocate, there are so many different experiences, ways of living, and ideals you will learn! Here are a couple more observations I made from time I lived in France. Food is a delicacy. Being open to new foods makes international traveling much easier on you, and on your hosts – whether you’re living with a […]

From Pods to Mobs

Podcasts (audio that can be downloaded and played on the iPod) have redefined the listening experience. Not only can you find thousands of very specialized content—from audio books like Speak French in Thirty Days to stand-up comedy routines to the latest song from a bluegrass band—but you can customize your playlist, and choose exactly when […]

Protecting Your Property From Pest Crows

“You’re as intelligent as a crow” wouldn’t be an insult! This pest bird is amazingly intelligent. Crows are capable of memorizing garbage routes, and they will forage around every Tuesday when your garbage is hauled out to the curb.  They may even show up every Sunday afternoon to the family BBQ in the back yard […]