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Queens Garden Florist Offers Elegant Solutions For Your Floral Needs

When you need to be able to say things that words are not always strong enough to express, flowers can serve as the perfect way to express your thoughts or feelings. With a breathtaking assortment of gorgeous flowers, Queens Garden Florist can help you select the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement that gets across the […]

The Beatles – Playing in Your Garden

May mornings in the south are the most stimulating experiences a gardener can enjoy. It is such soul feeding satisfaction to walk through the garden at sunrise on a misty morning and drink in the delightful atmosphere of the awakening plants. Flower Shows: May is the month of flower shows… exhibitions to many, displays to […]

Build a Garden Oasis Around Your Pool

Great job, the pool is in, the water is clear and inviting, and you have spent a small fortune. But, you now have a big, expensive hole full of water in the back yard. How can you make your pool area more pleasing to the eye? Landscape it! Create an interesting and beautiful garden around […]

Garden Design With Hot Peppers

Growing hot peppers is an easy and satisfying garden task. Since they originated from Central America they like lots of heat and plenty of water, but like many other plants, they don’t like waterlogged roots. Therefore make sure to use well drained containers or plant them in a nice mulched soil. Peppers are very hungry […]