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The Top 3 Alice in Wonderland Costumes For Halloween

There’s nothing more lovable than the fairytale story of Alice in Wonderland. That beautiful and innocent little Alice tumbles down a little rabbit hole into an outrageous world that is unimaginable and full of entertaining characters to say the least. We can thank the talented Tim Burton for providing us with the most imaginative Alice […]

Impressive Pumpkins for Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 is coming, and pumpkins are most concerned to be creatively carved because carved pumpkins are considered to be the soul of Halloween season. It’s so marvelous that under the skillful hands of artist and sculptor Ray Villafane, ordinary pumpkins become original with scariest shapes hitting Halloween 2010. Those simple pumpkins are carved to […]

Why Pumpkins associated with Halloween?

During earlier times, people used only a turnip as symbolic of Halloween. Due to the Irish potato famine (1845-1850), several thousands of men immigrated with their families to America. After they arrived, the Irish found that pumpkins were more readily available than turnips in the America, so they substituted turnips for pumpkin. Today, the carved […]

Pumpkins Are Not Just For Halloween

Most people think of Halloween when they hear the word pumpkin. If this is the only time you buy a pumpkin, you are missing out on a very nutritious food. The Native Americans used the pumpkin as both a food and a medicine. The first settlers from Europe added pumpkin to their diets. The pumpkin […]

Try Punk Costume This Halloween

Do you have a costume for the Halloween party? Why don’t you try to be different this time and wear something cool and funky. If you want a Rocking Costume, Punk Halloween Costume is the best choice! Those who want to have Punk Halloween Costume have a lot to choose from these days. They make […]