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Romance Or Internet Love

Flowers and chocolate, romantic walks by the beach, watching the sunset side by side, champagne and quoted lines from Shakespeare’s love poems these are usually the images associated with old-fashioned romance. Even though many people still yearn for this kind of courtship, one cannot deny that technology has also changed the way we woo each […]

Yes, You Can!

Economic recession, wars, unemployment, foreclosures, crime, government bailouts, illness, taxes, the list goes on and on. Everywhere we turn today, from the news to conversations at our favorite coffee shop, negativity and bad news surrounds us. If it hasn’t affected us directly, we’re afraid it will soon. It seems hopeless. No wonder there is an […]

The Bone Yard of Internet Marketing

Ahead is the signpost for the Bone Yard. It is relatively easy to find just look at any large marketing, article publishing, or internet-training site and you will see a steady stream of those heading toward the Bone Yard. It is not a pretty sight but it happens each day. Some statistics reveal the average […]

Listen to 90’s Music on the internet

There are many people who love listening to music and music is not only listened to when you will go to a party. Music has various other uses and for example, it is used in different therapy sessions and of course, when you will want to attend a massage. But when it comes to mp3 […]