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Frank Vignola – Rising Jazz Guitar Music Star

Frank Vignola is considered to be among the top rank of guitarists on the jazz guitar music scene today! Born on December 30, 1965 on Long Island, New York, he began playing guitar at the age of five. As his proficiency grew, he spent many hours listening to the music of legendary jazz guitarists Django […]

Aretha Franklin: Jazz to Soul, Then Back to Jazz

  “There are singers,” said Ray Charles. “Then there is Aretha. She towers above the rest. Others are good, but Aretha is great. She’s my only sure-enough sister.” Aretha Franklin is the “Queen of Soul” because she is indeed the quintessential voice of American pop culture. Unlike any other performer, Franklin personifies soul at the […]

Mix Some Jazz And Classical With Metal

This metal music known as Progressive Metal has also been called “prog” metal. This is just another subgenre of heavy metal. It has some elements of progressive rock and jazz with complex structures and powerful guitar distortion from metal music songs. Progressive metal bands came up from jazz and classical music. Progressive metal has taken […]