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Your Buddy For Life Can Be an African Grey

Parrots have at all times fascinated me. I remember when I was a child, we used to pay a visit to my aunt who had a pet parrot. The parrot was amusing and exceedingly friendly. Loneliness has entered my life since the death of my husband. While looking through selected pictures the other day, I […]

Yes, You Can!

Economic recession, wars, unemployment, foreclosures, crime, government bailouts, illness, taxes, the list goes on and on. Everywhere we turn today, from the news to conversations at our favorite coffee shop, negativity and bad news surrounds us. If it hasn’t affected us directly, we’re afraid it will soon. It seems hopeless. No wonder there is an […]

Palm Pixi Plus – Add Extra Power to Your life

Palm Pixi Plus is a fantastic mobile phone (released in June, 2010) that serves 3G network access and great features. Every attribute has been added to this device so that users can get complete assistance for their all types of tasks. Touchscreen, navigation, Internet, entertainment and more facilities have made it compatible to the modern […]