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The Little Instrument That Strokes Our Hearts

We have all seen or heard this little instrument – and really the ukulele is an instrument that you possibly can’t hate. It is an instrument based on another instrument, but one that has its own unique sound and following. The ukulele’s origins come from Hawaii, and the name when translated means ‘jumping flea’. The […]

Latest Kark Little Rock News News

10 in state toasted for wine lists Postmasters Grill Steakhouse in Camden; Local Flavor Cafe in Eureka Springs; River Grille Steakhouse in Bentonville; Bordinos and Vetro 1925 restaurants in Fayetteville; and Cajun's Wharf, Capers, Ciao Baci, Copper Grill and So in Little Rock. Who's … Read more on Northwest Arkansas News Twitter: Conway murders … […]