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Get A Real 80?s Look With Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses were first produced in the 1950s. They were introduced in a movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for the first time in 1961. Audrey Hepburn wore them and they have become immensely popular ever since. Their popularity soared to greater heights when they were talked about in the song that went by the name of […]

Look Younger in 21 Days

You might not think you can make a substantial difference in your looks in just three weeks, but you might be surprised to know that you can. With just some small changes to your diet and exercise regimen and the addition of anti aging supplements, you can make a significant improved in your overall look. […]

Dressing For A “brave New London” – Examining The Iconic Look Of Twiggy And Therefore The Mod Style

Dressing For a “Brave New London” – Examining the Iconic Look of Twiggy and therefore the Mod Style Even before I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, I knew there was something special regarding London and therefore the United Kingdom. Once all, how could an area that is smaller than the state of Oregon turn out therefore […]

The Grunge Look Web Design is here to Stay

As off today, the ‘grunge’ look is one of the styles in web-design that is becoming widely popular. This look can be easily identified by its textured backgrounds, rough edges, irregular, uneven and even faded out visual elements. While the 2.0 are simple designs consisting of straight lines with glossy edges, the grunge look is […]