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Understanding Modes On Guitar

Modal playing is very easy to understand the basics of, but can sometimes be hard to implement.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t sink in the first time.  I think I had 10 different teachers explain it to me before I got it. Here’s the basic idea.  We have a major scale that goes 1 2 […]

Alternative Modes of Transportation

If you need transportation around the town of Portland Maine then you have a few options. One of the options that you have is taking a cab. But, Maine taxi service can really add up and get to be quite expensive. There are a few cheaper options that are available that will still allow you […]

Guitar Scale Modes

Understanding guitar scales and modes is very important if you really want to advance your guitar skills. Learning the 7 modes of the major scale, the basis of Western music, and becoming comfortable with the different scale patterns will enable you to make up your own riffs and solos across the entire fretboard, which is […]