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More Musings on Lessons Learned From Relocating

When you relocate, there are so many different experiences, ways of living, and ideals you will learn! Here are a couple more observations I made from time I lived in France. Food is a delicacy. Being open to new foods makes international traveling much easier on you, and on your hosts – whether you’re living with a […]

More About the Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle Products come in 4 basic sizes and are made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum and you can also order Cook Sets & Pot-Supports to use in cooking small amounts of food as well as boiling water with your kettle. For a brief description of the fine Kelly Kettle Products that you can obtain, […]

Elvis Presley’s guru is no more

American singer-actor and cultural icon Elvis Presley’s guru Sri Daya Mata, 96, has died in Los Angeles (USA) area. According to reports, Elvis met Daya Mata, president and sanghamata of worldwide Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) headquartered in Los Angeles, in 1960s, and then kept connection with her throughout the rest of his life, often calling and […]

Making a More Memorable July 4th

4th of July seems to be the same every year, barbecue, fireworks, and singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” off key. If you want to make it more interesting and patriotic then you have to be a little more active in your celebrations. Decorate your house and yard with red, white and blue and try to bring […]

Less Is More When It Comes To Security Companies

Are you a Personal Assistant or Events Organiser who hires only major security companies for your event, based on the supposition and expectation that they guarantee the best service and value for money? Or perhaps as a result of choosing one of the large security companies, you felt that you were badly let down by […]

Hit me '90s, one more time

Hit me '90s, one more time Louie Rodriguez is on his way to school in a Ford Taurus driven by his mom but his head is back at home, thinking about watching “Power Rangers” and making his own alternative rock mixtapes. Rodriguez, a Chicago native, lives for the music and the … Read more on The […]