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Why Fans Are the New Music Copyright

Singer-songwriter Cat Stevens says he may sue Coldplay. Did you hear about this? He said that his son brought it to his attention that “Viva La Vida” sounds like his 1973 song “Foreigner’s Suite” and that he might consider suing for plagiarism. But first, he wants to wait and see what happens with U.S guitarist […]

The History Behind Blink 182 Music

Blink 182 music is historic! Blink was one of the biggest pop punk bands back in the day. The band, made up of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker is most known for their music that was made up of juvenile and toilet humor. This type of music helped catapult the band into the […]

Cautioners premiere deep new music video for “Daisies” (exclusive)

Cautioners premiere deep new music video for “Daisies” (exclusive) Formerly Far From Proper, the Alternative/Rock/Punk clan Cautioners has reentered the scene bearing gifts: an exclusive premiere of their new music video for “Daisies.” “'Daisies' is a song about someone who used to make you feel complete making you … Read more on Alternative Press Words […]