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More Musings on Lessons Learned From Relocating

When you relocate, there are so many different experiences, ways of living, and ideals you will learn! Here are a couple more observations I made from time I lived in France. Food is a delicacy. Being open to new foods makes international traveling much easier on you, and on your hosts – whether you’re living with a […]

How To Feel Happier – Seven Musings On Motherhood

If there is solely 1 reality about being a mum, it’s which it adjustments your survival – forever. The general ante-natal categories merely do not do justice to that fact. They talk concerning lack from rest, converting nappies plus the approach in.which to “burp” your toddler, less than hardly carry out they quote the general […]

Padmanabha Swamy Temple Musings

  I m a serf, slave and more Dust under your feet Held captive not in chains But in beloved bondage Of truth eternal. … I seek no rights, demand no claims But beg the bounty Of your love Oh Sire! Sree Padmnabha!   These are lines from a verse on Sree Padmanabha   by Princess […]

My Election Musings

America was the big winner in the mid-term election of 2006. The Dem’s’ control both houses of Congress. So now what? We have Nancy Pelosi as Leader of the House starting in ’07. She said she wants to clean up the ethics problem that has plagued us for eons in Congress, especially for the last […]

MALDEN MUSINGS Sharing memories old and new

MALDEN MUSINGS Sharing memories old and new "Nana" Burns was a special women who raised an amazing family, if you know ANY of the kids you KNOW exactly what I'm talking about.It is THAT time of year again Maldonians! Yes, summer is on the way out but with that comes some really fun stuff, like […]