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Everything You Need To Know About The All American Pressure Canner

The All American Pressure Canner is a popular choice for households that practice regular canning. Canning allows families to preserve and store food in a way that is safe and cost effective. A lot of money can be saved when excess fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry are canned to be used later. The All American […]

Need to Make a Punk Clown Costume?

You are not alone. The punk movement hit the world in new ways and with tremendous force. It is possible that “punk” is an intrinsic quality of all human beings, working in ways similar to the emotions of aggression and sympathy. However, it is without question that everyone who lived through the years of 1975 […]

No Longer a Need to Pretend

No Longer a Need to Pretend   It began – at least for me – with Dan Rather’s embarrassing fall from grace with his refusal to acknowledge that he used forged documents designed to indict George W. Bush’s military record. Oh, I know, it’s been argued that Walter Cronkite was the template back in the […]

LINGsCARS supports Northern Rock in hour of need!

Ling pays £10000 INTO Northern Rock Extrovert Chinese Dragon’s Den star, Ling Valentine, MD of £25 million through-put on-line contract hire car business, L… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Islamist militants have seized three more towns in northern Iraq and thousands of Christians have fled Qaraqosh, as the insurgents gain a foothold in the Kur… […]