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How To Sell $10,000 Phone Coaching Programs

Selling $ 10,000 phone coaching programs is definitely not a walk in the park. Aside from the fact that there are only few people who are willing to shell out that amount of money, you are also going up against a lot of people who are selling the same service. But do not get me […]

How To Design A $10,000 Phone Coaching Program

A lot of people would like to learn directly from those experts in their chosen field. They want to get timely response to their questions and some of them enjoy interactive classes. However, there are some factors that keep these people from taking advantage of face-to-face coaching programs. One of them is the location. Live […]

LeoTrader PRO-Jani Hjerrpe, CEO of Forex Brokerage FinFX Authenticates 113% Per Month Account#1331 (phone recording)!

The Leo Trader Pro team has done it again! Yesterday you saw ACCOUNT INVESTOR PASSWORD PROOF!  That’s right, for the first time in the industry, Leo Trader Pro provided YOU with the highest level of proof possible in this business. Account #1331 was completely exposed for everyone to see! ==> 113% profit per month ==> […]