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The Beatles – Playing in Your Garden

May mornings in the south are the most stimulating experiences a gardener can enjoy. It is such soul feeding satisfaction to walk through the garden at sunrise on a misty morning and drink in the delightful atmosphere of the awakening plants. Flower Shows: May is the month of flower shows… exhibitions to many, displays to […]

Playing Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is considered by many budding guitarists to be of the best and most influential guitarists ever. At one time or another most guitarists have learned a few rhythm and lead guitar licks from the guitar great. Hendrix had a unique style which he adopted by playing with many blues and rock n roll […]

Bono's guitar playing days may be over

Bono's guitar playing days may be over The open letter to the band's fans was the Bono version of the classic family Christmas letter, detailing all of the cool things U2 was up to in 2014. He also praised his longtime friends and band mates The Edge (“he is U2's lightning conductor, he … Read […]