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5 Inspirational Love Quotes – The Power of Love!

Copyright (c) 2010 Steve M Nash Ah, the power of love! …In all its forms: * Passion, * Romance, * Understanding, etc… Love is everywhere, it really is, love is in all aspects of our lives. And love is revealed (or its absence is revealed) wherever we look too. And the following 5 inspirational love […]

Power Adapters In Flight Mode

For the oft traveled passenger, an essential component for every trip is possibly the power adapters.  Drawing a similarity to the infamous quote, one should never leave home without it.  Due to each nation’s need to demonstrate its power inflections via shapes and numbers of pins, plugs and points, this component thus becomes an essential […]

Power Monkey

In the year of 2005 the power monkey was launched and was the first and foremost portable power device that was launched by the company named as Power traveler. The power monkey is the device which can be made easily compatible with other devices such as iPods, mobile phones, hand held games, GPS and PDA […]

Laptop power saving mode in several states, such as the Idle Mode Idle mode

BIOS settings in the Energy In the CMOS settings, has a large “Power Savings”, which can choose to “Maximum Battery Life” and “Maximum Performance” and other options. “Maximum Battery Life” is the default energy-saving mode setting. Laptop power saving mode in several states, such as the Idle Mode Idle mode, Standby Mode standby (wait) mode,Dell […]

Solar Power: By Dan Green

The sun produces massive amounts of heat that are transmitted down to the earth’s surface. When the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface the intensity of the heat directly from the sun is not as hot because some of the heat is rerouted before it reaches the earth’s atmosphere. When the sun is hot and […]

Palm Pixi Plus – Add Extra Power to Your life

Palm Pixi Plus is a fantastic mobile phone (released in June, 2010) that serves 3G network access and great features. Every attribute has been added to this device so that users can get complete assistance for their all types of tasks. Touchscreen, navigation, Internet, entertainment and more facilities have made it compatible to the modern […]