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Combat Boots – From Punk To Goth

There seems to be a wardrobe for every kind of social group. Combat boots have a way of standing out, don’t they? The unique styling makes them a favorite amongst those in the Punk or Goth lifestyle, but they can be worn by virtually anyone. They’re often sold as fetish boots, since they’re also popular […]

Valuable History Of Punk Records

The 70s was when the original punk was discovered. It was the time of punk records hitting almost every household. If that stage of punk was the only thing you are familiar with, you will be amazed with its punk offspring of today. In the modern punk culture, there are still glimmers of the original […]

Need to Make a Punk Clown Costume?

You are not alone. The punk movement hit the world in new ways and with tremendous force. It is possible that “punk” is an intrinsic quality of all human beings, working in ways similar to the emotions of aggression and sympathy. However, it is without question that everyone who lived through the years of 1975 […]

Rolling Stone Gets Punk Rock Wrong, Again

Rolling Stone Gets Punk Rock Wrong, Again Let me put it another way: the authors of the Rolling Stone list have spent a significant portion of the last 40 years living in the mucosal folds of Glenn Frey's transverse colon. You, dear reader, have not; therefore you probably know what punk rock … Read more […]