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How to Promote Your Book on Radio Talk Shows

Want to promote your book? Be a guest on radio talk shows nation-wide. You can do it from your own home — you don’t have travel. You have half an hour of thousands of people’s time, regaling them with your stories and information, making them want to get more by purchasing your book, and it […]

Nonprofit and Charitable Advertising – Tips For Writing and Recording a 20-Second Radio Ad

Local charitable and non-profit organizations often depend on free public-service radio announcements as one of their primary methods of getting their message through to their local communities. While free radio advertisement is appreciated, often these are mere 20-second spots and writing advertising material for these slots presents unique challenges for organizations who want to get […]

Radio Ga Ga

One of the major drivers that have helped the media industry in India canter along at a blistering pace has been the good old radio. AM, FM and even Satellite Radio have made a huge impact on the Industry in India. The stage is set for major revenue growth among the various Radio Channels. […]

What You Should Know About Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio has become a very popular alternative to broadcast radio since its first release. It did take a while for the two competitors of satellite radio, Sirius and XM, to begin gaining customers. Equipment was expensive and bulky. There is also a monthly fee for the service, where broadcast radio is free. Satellite does […]