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Get A Real 80?s Look With Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses were first produced in the 1950s. They were introduced in a movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for the first time in 1961. Audrey Hepburn wore them and they have become immensely popular ever since. Their popularity soared to greater heights when they were talked about in the song that went by the name of […]

Blur Blur – Family Business Succession – The New Blur Family Business Concept on Real Life

A commitment to develop personal goals within any family business’ structure. What is Blur? We say it is “SPEED x CONNECTIVITY x INTANGIBLES” SPEED: Every aspect of business and the connected organization operates and changes in real time. INTANGIBLES: Every offer (product or service – that is available for purchase, use or provided) has both […]

Latest Ultimate Real Classic Rock News News

Joe Lynn Turner Says Vladimir Putin Is the Only World Leader 'Telling the Truth' Dismissing the idea of cultural sanctions against Russia, Turner depicted his Crimean concerts as an act of rock 'n' roll rebellion. “Music is a universal language, it transcends all politics, religions, disputes and arguments between people, it brings … Read more […]

Latest Real Music Classic Rock News News

40 Years Ago: Lou Reed Releases One of Rock's Most Hated Albums, 'Metal … Lou Reed's relationship with the rock 'n' roll press was never an easy one. After the release of Metal Machine Music in July 1975, it was much, much worse. Time hasn't healed, salvaged, redeemed or vindicated the album in the decades […]

The New Direction of Real Estate

Rental properties are providing huge returns for those able to make the investment. The price of rent has been increasing rapidly in cities all over the country. But the cities where demand has increased significantly are those with strong job markets. Cities on the coasts like Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle are seeing […]