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Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder Review

In a way, the name Range Finder doesn’t do the Golf Buddy Pro justice. It is so much more than a range finder. It actually gives you a monochrome picture of the green, along with distances to various parts of the green. So, the Golf Buddy Pro is not just a range finder. It’s a […]

A Review of Oasis Spas in Chiang Mai

The Oasis Spas are considered as well known spa locations which are well established in Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand. The Oasis spas have five locations in Thailand: two facilities in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Here are a review of their Chiang Mai location on July 19, 2010.   I went […]

Review of the Golf Buddy Pro GPS

Instead of having to depend on an expert caddie when you go golfing, you should use the help of one of the many efficient golf GPS units available on the market. These units provide you with all the information you would need while playing golf like course data, distance of your last shot and location […]

School of Seven Bells' SVIIB: EW Review

School of Seven Bells' SVIIB: EW Review … tragically passed away from lymphoma at 35 in 2013. But before his untimely death, the pair began work on one final album together, which Deheza finished with revered Grammy-winning bassist and producer Justin Meldal Johnson (Beck, Nine Inch Nails). Read more on Entertainment Weekly Cleveland Agora celebrates […]