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Why Would Any Company In Their Right Mind Want To Advertise On The Glenn Beck Show?

Paranoia is back in style and one of its main proponents is a weeping, heavy set, short haired, recovering alcoholic who is a phenomenon of television and radio. His name is Glenn Beck. In its September 2009 issue Time magazine called Glenn Beck, “the hottest thing in the political rant racket, left or right.” Beck […]

Choosing The Right Mower

Trimming your yard with fresh grass can add a coziness and style to your home while also offering a place for entertainment and relaxation. However, choosing to have and take care of a lawn can be quite a large responsibility. Anyone that chooses to have a plot of grass in the front of back of […]

Choosing the Right Outdoor Bench

With the arrival of warm weather again, many of us are looking at our front lawns, gardens, and backyards with the fresh perspective that seems to follow each winter. Plans are being made, landscaping tools are removed from their storage places, and materials are purchased as many of us set out on our never-ending quests […]

Numatic’s Henry Hoover Has Earned The Right To Be Called The World’s Most Recognisable Piece Of Jani

The Henry Hoover has to be the world’s most recognisable and preferred vacuum cleaner. While he is often called “Henry The Hoover” it is critical from a marketing perspective to to point out Hoover is in fact a trademark and not an actual product name. Having checked there are a total of 40k online queries […]

The Get it Right 80s Vintage Guide

Well it’s official, the eighties are back with a vengeance! Love it or hate it, we guarantee you’ll succumb to at least one eighties trend by the end of the year! Sure you can pick up some eighties inspired fashion from a high street chain or designer label, but why not go all out authentic […]