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Where to start with the prolific output of MF Doom (During one of his few vocal appearances on Take Me To Your Leader, which he released under the name King Geedorah, he raps of being a “sort of mellow type fellow / Who sometimes spazz on wife like Othello,” though his delivery is so speedy […]

Latest Rockness Jordan News

In Lois & Clark, Superman wasn't always bulletproof … Blue,” some of Superman's powers transfer—with the help of a lightning bolt in a stormy cemetery, natch—to a very different mild-mannered man, William Wallace Webster Waldecker (a hilariously prolix Leslie Jordan, putting his natural Tennessee … Read more on A.V. Club Denver/Boulder Rachel McAdams (left), Taylor […]

Latest Rockness 2013 Lineup Rumours News

NME Awards 2014: Arctic Monkeys and Haim dominate the nominations Arctic Monkeys Q&A. 27 Nov 2013. Arctic Monkeys: 'We've raised the bar'. 31 Oct 2013. Haim: rock's hottest new band. 30 Sep 2013. Haim, Kentish Town Forum. 10 Dec 2013. Morrissey's Autobiography. 17 Oct 2013. The NME Awards 2014 will take place on … Read […]

St-Rome-de-Tarn : Rockness un orchestre made in Sud-Aveyron

St-Rome-de-Tarn : Rockness un orchestre made in Sud-Aveyron Ils sont cinq musiciens : Jérémy Galzin (basse, chant), Benjamin Costes (guitare rythmique), Henri Bèderède (guitare soliste), Jonathan Campels (clavier), Rémy Séguret (batterie) qui accompagnent la chanteuse Virginie Panafieu dans la formation … Read more on Midi Libre Paul Shaffer, David Letterman Paul Shaffer, David Letterman The lineups […]

Latest Rockness Cancelled 2014 News

Relive 1995's forgotten TV debuts with an opening credits supercut you're one of the millions who didn't watch the short-lived sitcom, leading to its dubious distinction as the first cancellation of the 2014-2015 television season. Broadcast networks churn through material at a furious pace, and once flash-in-the-pan … Read more on A.V. Club Austin Readers […]