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Romance Or Internet Love

Flowers and chocolate, romantic walks by the beach, watching the sunset side by side, champagne and quoted lines from Shakespeare’s love poems these are usually the images associated with old-fashioned romance. Even though many people still yearn for this kind of courtship, one cannot deny that technology has also changed the way we woo each […]

My Favorite Romance Authors

Liz Fielding is one of my top favourites. Her emotional feel good romances take you to a paradise that’s full of love and happiness. Her novel “The Best Man and the Bridesmaid” won the Best Traditional Romance Novel at Rita Awards, while “The Marriage Miracle” won the Best Contemporary Romance” at Rita Awards. Whether it […]

My Romance With Mount Hamiguitan Range

The Mt. Hamiguitan Range (MHR) lies a-straddling the municipalities of San Isidro, Gov. Generoso, and Mati in the province of Davao Oriental. It has total land coverage of 17,400 hectares that are characterized by different ecosystems. There is an agricultural ecosystem at 50-300 masl; dipterocarp, montane, mossy and mossy-pygmy forest at various altitudinal levels up […]