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On The Sublimation Transfer Printing, Textile Printing – Printing, Transfer Printing – Silk Screen

Sublimation Transfer Also known as “air pollution”, mainly used for clothing, shoes, hats, advertising, handicrafts and construction decoration, the process is very simple. It can transfer off-site off-site production, short production cycle, in the textile Printing Industry thriving. By high temperature so that solid substances without directly into a gas liquefaction process of change is […]

Battle caught with the same goals for 5 2 lore Arsenal carnage in temperament sublimation

Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys supply store report: Reversal of Porto, Arsenal 32 years after losing the first leg of a stadium in the war in Europe, finally winning back the league, Arsenal still have to post-process force, in the 93rd minute scored the third of the early lock. The Turner Jianlou break, but also quietly created […]

Bonucci: competition within the team like Juve did not get bad sublimation

New England Patriots Jerseysonlineshop webeditor report: Varese for the weekend is against Juventus, Lyon, today held a regular press conference, attended by the players is to join the Bianconeri this season, the Italian, at the meeting, this Italian international said he would very much like Juventus Chiellini partner and the composition of the defender line, […]

should you Implement Dye Sublimation Printing Into your photography Business?

If you want to compete effectively in the photography industry, take into consideration all the new (or old) techniques and tools to choose the most suitable ones.   One tool that a photographer can effectively use is a dye-sublimation printer. These printers produce brilliant colorful images. In addition the ink dries quickly so the prints […]

Of Dye Sublimation Printing Technology And Its Applications – Dye Sublimation – Silk Screen Printing

Although the dye sublimation printing technology known degree, smaller than the field office inkjet, laser two basic printing. However, its photo output, fabrics and glass body Transfer And so has a unique advantage, especially in photo printing effect, high image resolution, color transition of the natural, easy to store and other advantages, a large color […]