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Cast Iron Bathtubs Are Exquisitely Sublime!

For many, the bathtub is just a place to take a bath, an oasis when you need to soak your body in hot water to relieve stress or a headache, and of course, a drain for the water showering down from above. All these things are valid, but what about those times when you’re not […]

It Was Character Of The Island That Deemed Sublime Rather Than A Specific Landscape Feature

The sublime landscapes of the British West Indies were most often described from the comfort and safe distance of the ship; they did little to evoke feelings of fear or pain in the travel writers. Instead, as the island was approached from the sea and viewed in its entirety, the sensibility associated with these landscapes […]

“Congratulations, You Failed!” Or, the Sublime Art of Failing Miserably

What’s your worst fear? Spiders? Speaking in public? Being rushed to the hospital wearing yesterday’s underwear? If you’re like most people, whether you admit it or not, it’s FAILURE. And no group knows FAILURE quite like business owners, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs, right? We put ourselves out there time and time again, while friends and […]

Sublime evening with Dance Theatre of Harlem

Sublime evening with Dance Theatre of Harlem Dance Theatre of Harlem almost didn't make it. In 2004, it took an 8-year hiatus due to financial woes. It resurrected in 2012, and now, back stronger than ever for its fourth season, it took to the Orpheum's stage Thursday night for an evening of … Read more […]