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The Best Radiohead Songs of All Time – Top 5 And Why

“Paranoid Android” from OK Computer (1997) Referred to by many as a Bohemian Rhapsody for a younger generation, Paranoid Android is a true journey. The song tells a story with and its distinct sections take you through different musical landscapes along the way. Various band members worked on each section separately, and then they strung […]

Who Are You?

If I were to ask you who you are, what will your answer be? You would most likely tell me your name. That is fine too but what will your answer be if I already know your name and I asked you the same question: “Who are you?” If somebody asked you who you are […]

Weezer to perform in Singapore for the first time

Weezer to perform in Singapore for the first time SINGAPORE: American alternative rock group Weezer will be performing in Singapore for the first time on Aug 15. According to a Facebook event page posted by organiser LAMC productions on Friday (Mar 11), the concert will be held at Suntec Singapore … Read more on Channel News […]

Hit me '90s, one more time

Hit me '90s, one more time Louie Rodriguez is on his way to school in a Ford Taurus driven by his mom but his head is back at home, thinking about watching “Power Rangers” and making his own alternative rock mixtapes. Rodriguez, a Chicago native, lives for the music and the … Read more on The […]

Pearl Jam Covers Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' for First Time Ever [WATCH]

Pearl Jam Covers Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' for First Time Ever [WATCH] Seattle rockers, Pearl Jam, recently launched their South American tour and on Nov. 11, Eddie Vedder and company jammed through a rainstorm in Brazil, fighting nasty weather to dig into Pink Floyd's extensive repertoire for a first-time cover of The … Read more […]

Who Are You?

  Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas! Do you need Gift ideas! the excitement of the festive seasons seem to be every where. We are being told that consumers are set to spend more than they did last year, and it appears that everyone is ready for this time. But is it true? statistics seem to indicate […]