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Understanding The Common Cold Virus

Coughs and colds are seldom a reason to go to the ER or to page your doctor. You need to understand the common cold and everything that comes with it. Coughs and colds can mean a lot of things. UNDERSTANDING THE COMMON COLD VIRUS Viruses cause colds and coughs. Virtually all colds start off as […]

Understanding Modes On Guitar

Modal playing is very easy to understand the basics of, but can sometimes be hard to implement.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t sink in the first time.  I think I had 10 different teachers explain it to me before I got it. Here’s the basic idea.  We have a major scale that goes 1 2 […]

Understanding Beck Depression Inventory

Depression is so common a lot of people tend to self-diagnose. Just because you have been crying for a few days doesnt really mean youre suffering from clinical depression. To determine if you have the medical condition or not, you have to undergo some tests. One of the most famous examinations is the Beck Depression […]