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Why Beatles Fans Would Want to Buy the New Beatles Remastered Mono & Stereo CD Box Sets

Even if you already own all of The Beatles albums on CD (and I definitely do) I still think the new remastered Beatles CD box sets are a “must buy” for all true Beatles fanatics. I’ll explain what makes each set (both the mono & the stereo) so essential below. Why The Beatles Mono Box Set Is A “Must […]

Why Would Any Company In Their Right Mind Want To Advertise On The Glenn Beck Show?

Paranoia is back in style and one of its main proponents is a weeping, heavy set, short haired, recovering alcoholic who is a phenomenon of television and radio. His name is Glenn Beck. In its September 2009 issue Time magazine called Glenn Beck, “the hottest thing in the political rant racket, left or right.” Beck […]

Would You Pay $10,000 For a Great Job?

How many college students would be willing to pay $ 10,000 for a great job? Now, isn’t that an interesting question. However, before everyone starts to check their empty wallets, I want to let you all in on a secret. The fact is that there is a price that you must pay if you want […]