The Beatles Rock Band Gameplay (Playstation 3)

By | March 31, 2015

Gameplay of the Beatles Rock Band for Playstation 3. Songs Played: Revolution Twist and Shout.

19 thoughts on “The Beatles Rock Band Gameplay (Playstation 3)

  1. The Contrarian

    yeah it definitely does, this is like “noob” level on guitar hero, if not
    “justin bieber” level.

  2. Rubbursoul

    Anybody still play this game?? add me on PSN! Rubbursoul. I play drums,
    guitar n bass d:

  3. MrBoyLikesLego

    Hey is the DLC (Abbey Road/Rubber Soul/SPLHCB) still available for
    purchase? In the PS Store?

  4. joseph cimatu

    can the rock band played using only one instrument or i have to play this
    game with a friend to perform a real playing of music?

  5. Troopman4

    wait how did you do this video? i mean how do you put the gameplay on your
    computer please tell me

  6. Christopher Bejar-Rosas

    i play it, you should add me. my name is chrisbejarrosas

  7. BradE2011

    Is it me or does Rock Band look easy compared to Guitar Hero?

  8. francisco javier Barajas

    eso es experto putitos jajajajajajajajaja eres una mierda guey


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