The classic rock all stars …Born to wander.

By | April 20, 2014

Various Pictures and video of North West Idaho usa . Best viewed in full screen high definition Born to wander is the song The classic rock all stars are Pet…
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Chattanooga’s Favorite Party Band! The Beaters Play Classic Rock..Motown..Soul Music..Disco….Everything from the Beatles to Earth Wind and Fire….The Beat…

17 thoughts on “The classic rock all stars …Born to wander.

  1. YoshiTheShiba

    @KeukaRyder You got me crackin’ up , I think he’s the crazy one if I don’t
    keep a good pace he site see’s ! there’s times I have to practically pull
    the front end off the ground just to get him to pay attention and watch the
    road , but if I’m getting on it he’s right there on top it 😀

  2. Zeroup01

    Yeah she checked it out loved the video got a kick out of Yoshi on the bike
    her first time seeing that lol……. but thanks again

  3. YoshiTheShiba

    @nutier Thank you my friend , your complements are always welcome ! 😀 so
    wonderful to share

  4. YoshiTheShiba

    @TheFaustianMan ROFL ya know I made this vid for KeukaRyder in mind he
    wanted to see landscape and mountains , I thought it was a good song to
    spark his wandering nature ! but I didn’t think it would get us in trouble
    with our lady’s…oops

  5. KeukaRyder

    @YoshiTheShiba Yeah. Yoshi’s like “dad are freaking crazy or something”

  6. YoshiTheShiba

    @PetluverChannel Thank you friend for your wonderful comments , we love you
    big hugs and kissies have a great day 😀

  7. The Faustian Man

    Hahaha! He loves going out! I wonder if this is more his song than yours!

  8. YoshiTheShiba

    @KeukaRyder Ride on buddy glad you liked thx , got a kick out of the ol
    lady givin’ me a hard time about wandering too LOL 3:29 ya got that right
    there are a few place’s like that couple hundred feet down notice yoshi
    checked it out LOL

  9. PetluverChannel

    Nice music and great videos/pictures! Lucky Shibas getto go places no other
    dog would dream of! Oh, and you too :) get to go to all those awesome
    nature filled areas :)

  10. KeukaRyder

    The dirt trail at 3:29 looked scary. One wrong move and off you go. Nice
    scenery and Rare Earth too! Whoa! I think I was born to wander. The wife
    thinks otherwise.:-o


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