The History of Blink 182 Music

By | September 23, 2017

If you are searching for fast drum beats with no growling, nonsense shouting and monster sounding growls, buy a Blink 182 CD. Blink 182’s music has been, and probably will always be, among the types of music that instantly captures the hearts of its listeners because of its infectious melodies.

Like other bands like The Offspring and Greenday, the band offers cool funky styles that are more of the punk rock, pop-funk and emo-rock type.

The band is made up of a funky, fun-loving, musical genius trio: Travis Barker, drummer; Mark Hoppus, guitars and back-up vocals; and Tom DeLonge, vocals.

Being the authors of their own songs, Blink 182 has successfully written songs that spoke to the teenagers of the world. They talked about teen angst, humor, love, heart pains, and other things that a typical teenager is experiencing.

Combined with fast, simple, and rocking melodies, their songs have become a hit to fans worldwide. Even when they first broke out in the music scene, people have already noticed the funky, rock feel of their songs, which drew crowds to their shows.

The band first started during 1996 but it was the release of their running-around-nude video for “What’s My Age Again” that made them a global hit. The band didn’t stop there. Soon, they released more funny videos. One is the “All the Small Things” music video where they appeared as the boy bands and pop superstars during that time. They parodied pop artists like the Backstreet Boys, N-Sync, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

However, Blink 182 music is not always about toilet and non-sense humors. They showed their listeners that they can also write relevant songs such as the “Stay Together for the Kids” song. It talks about how children are severely affected by their parents’ constant fights.

In 2003, they released the heart-wrenching song “I Miss You” which showed the more sensitive side of the band. The shift from the usual songs they write was received positively not only by fans but by music critics as well. Blink 182 gained a newfound respect in the music industry.

Just like most artists, Blink 182 is constantly developing to become better musicians, as seen on tracks like “I Miss You.” The downside is that some fans of the original punk-rock genre thinks of the band as selling out. While this is not entirely true, we can see where these claims are coming from. However, we should take note that music is evolving, and so does artists. That is why we see Blink 182’s evolving music as a breath of fresh air.

After disbanding for a while and going separate ways, expect to hear a more refined Blink 182 music as the band is preparing for their new record.

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