The Social Media Marketing Status Test – Are You a Rock Star Or a Warm Up Act?

By | April 18, 2014

Even if those ‘Rock Star’ relationships are few and far between, we all have them; people who trust what we are saying, agree with our stand on things and simply enjoy our company enough to support our cause or buy our products over somebody else’s when the time comes for them to act. If you’re not too sure if you have the influence to be a Rock Star and believe you’ll always be seen as the warm up act maybe you should take the social media rock star test

When people publish notes on Facebook do they mention you?

Tagging has become a great way to spread content across Facebook users and is also a good test of your popularity. Are you talked about or anonymous? If the world is ignoring you speak up a little.

When you tweet does it echo?

It is becoming fairly commonplace to see users on twitter with thousands of followers on their tail. But is anyone listening to you when you say something remarkable? If it’s quiet in the twittersphere then you need to take a little time with the people who follow you and add value to their twitter experience.

When you upload your favourite video on YouTube does anyone care?

YouTube and other video sharing sites are fast becoming true social networking hubs so if you’re all alone at the movies start interacting with your audience and build some connections.

When you dig your favourite site are you left standing in the hole all alone?

Social bookmarking is a great way to share your favorite content with other like minded people. If what you like seems to make no difference to the world in which you surf then pay attention to what others are doing in social bookmarking sites and add some value to other users.

It’s easy to get left behind in the great big social media jungle and if you are serious about using social media to build your business online and develop your brand you simply have no choice.

You need to be seen as a Rock Star.

Neil Ashworth is a successful network marketer and business coach specializing in applying social media marketing techniques to generate endless free leads to your online business.

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