The Who – Amazing Journey – Rock Band Blitz Playthrough (5 Gold Stars)

By | February 23, 2014

(DESCRIÇÃO EM PORTUGUÊS ABAIXO) (ENGLISH) Playthrough of the song “Amazing Journey” of the band “The Who”, album “Tommy”, on the game Rock Band Blitz. It’s a…

This is my favorite song from the RB2 on disk set list. I love going back into RB2 and singing this song. I sometimes forget to how to act in RB2 on vocals b…
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11 thoughts on “The Who – Amazing Journey – Rock Band Blitz Playthrough (5 Gold Stars)

  1. chaoscontrolASH

    scores yea, but i dont do scores anymore so i activate by voice. and you
    being nice, the whole game is broken xD

  2. chaoscontrolASH

    i like the engine for the challenge too. and i always activated with voice
    anyway unless the window was really small/tight. i dont do score runs in
    bands (try not to anyways) so i avoid select button on purpose.

  3. InYourDreamsPSN

    yes for acting.. I am used to pressing select. I love RB2 engine. I miss
    the challenge :)

  4. chaoscontrolASH

    its tricky for you to go back o the RB2 engine? for vocals anyways

  5. Isaya Nealy

    Cool FBFC, at one time I thought I was supposed to join it for this song,
    no matters though.

  6. InYourDreamsPSN

    RB3 Vocals is broken. In order to act good I have to use it. Some scores
    are based on last minute acts. but I really enjoyed RB2. Will play it for
    sure more


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